Culture is A Competitive Advantage: How to Approach The Changing Psychology of the Workforce (with Steve Cadigan, Author and Talent Strategist)

Thursday 26 January 2023
00:00 The psychology of the workforce has shifted. How can leaders and organizations approach this? In episode #133, Steve Cadigan shares how to lead from respect, build trust, and create growth opportunities and how organizations can re-engineer roles and build alumni communities to retain top talent in today's rapidly changing workforce. Steve Cadigan is most known for scaling Linkedin from 400 to 4000 in 3.5 years as the first CHRO hire. Steve has worked in 5 different industries and 3 different countries while also leading dozens of acquisition integrations all over the world. Steve shares his insights on the importance of having mentors and the right people around you. He also talks about being technically superior in executive functions and how hiring on what people can learn rather than what they know can lead to delivering growth experiences. Tune in to hea

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