The Pod Broads: A Podcast About Women in Podcasting

Alexandra Cohl

It's 2023 and still only, like, one third of podcasts are hosted by women. Not sure about you, but here at The Pod Broads ( that is seen as some major BS 'cause there should absolutely be more.  Join Alexandra Cohl as she interviews women in the podcasting industry about their life, their work, and how the two intersect -- because we're all multi-faceted human beings and women in this industry deserve to have their work and experiences highlighted in fun, emotional, and reflective conversations. So, who is Alexandra? Well, she's been named a "typical misandrist American feminist" by trolls on the internet who didn't like that she critiqued J*e R*gan's platform and didn't like that she centers women in her work. She's a longtime writer and English Lit nerd turned podcast PR and Marketing consultant who is hell bent on getting more people to listen to women.  Are you a woman in podcasting? You might also like to join Broads in Progress (, an exclusive community for women podcasters looking to grow their podcast with support and accountability.

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