Nurturing Parenting: How to handle big emotions, behavior, and connect more with our kids

Parenting Coach Lisa Sigurgeirson E.C.E. & Mom of Two Sareena Jimenez

Less Yelling, More Connecting; Enjoy your kids through nurturing parenting. Are you constantly worried about messing up your kids? Do you wish your kids would just listen to you? Do you wish you felt confident that you were handling your kid's BIG feelings in the best possible ways? Do you wish you could feel more present and connected with your little ones? In this podcast you will learn simple, easy-to-implement communication tools that will build your confidence as a parent, help you avoid yelling, and learn how to regulate your emotions swell as your littles. You will feel supported in choosing positive ways to interact with your little ones bringing more patience to your game. You will delight in having more time to be fully present with your children in ways that nurture healthy development through the early years leading them to be successful adults. Welcome to Nurturing Parenting!

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