How is it that Women achieve more college degrees and outearn Men in 40% of US households, yet research shows they continue to be significantly less Confident than Men? Even some of the most successful Women continue to struggle with constant Overthinking, Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome. And with the amplified pressures now presented through Social Media Platforms, there is a growing epidemic of Perfectionism with young women and girls. This Confidence Crisis is happening in spite of many advancements Women have made over the last 50 years. Join Girl-Dad and Women’s Empowerment Coach, Dr. Tony Dufresne (PhD) each week as he interviews Empowered Women with Compelling Stories and Valuable Insights into Overcoming those Self-Doubt challenges and obstacles, leading to Building and Maintaining True Confidence. So, if you feel a More Confident YOU would make life for you and the people you care about a WHOLE LOT BETTER…this show is for YOU!

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