This Might Get Uncomfortable

Whitney Lauritsen

There are many elements in our lives that affect our well-being and there are many ways that we can explore them. One avenue to optimal self-care is having open, honest conversations about what it means to be well. Navigate love and relationships, purpose and meaning, mental health and wellness, success and failure, and all of those things that make us human with Whitney Lauritsen on This Might Get Uncomfortable. Whitney has over 13 years of professional experience in the health, wellness, and entertainment industries. She guides you through the confusion and the curiosity, the suffering and the unfulfilled potential, and the questions of why we’re here and what we’re doing. Join her each week as she shares her perspectives on wellness and has radically authentic, insightful conversations about life with special guests. This Might Get Uncomfortable, so prepare to dive deep into the rabbit hole. Nothing is off-limits here! Life presents us with challenges every single day. Many of us struggle to make life feel worthwhile, meaningful, and peaceful. We’re confronted in our relationships, careers, faith, and the health of our body, mind, and emotions. We often have questions in our minds that go unanswered, and sometimes, we don’t even want the answers. We just want to have a really unfiltered discussion, let it all out, be truly heard so we can process our emotions. We want to talk about our deepest passions and secret longings, share our unfulfilled dreams and big goals, and inquire into the mysteries of life. If you’re in that place right now, we invite you to join Whitney here on This Might Get Uncomfortable. Whitney Lauritsen is a podcast host, social media advisor, and well-being coach. She founded Eco-Vegan Gal in 2008 to share lifestyle practices and product recommendations that improve the quality of body, mind, and planet. Her books include best-seller The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Cookbook and Healthy Organic Vegan on a Budget.As an advocate for high-performance living and mental health, Whitney launched Wellevatr.Passionate about business, Whitney advises creative entrepreneurs with digital marketing strategies that amplify their passions. She regularly coaches, consults, and presents on social media trends, influencer partnerships, and content monetization. A six-year stint teaching workshops at the Apple Store advanced her tech knowledge and experience. She has participated in business programs led by Google, Facebook, and Scripps Network. Recognized by her colleagues as a connector, Whitney has run numerous wellness industry events at YouTube Space, during the Natural Products Expo, and on Clubhouse app.Media appearances include Stossel, HuffPost Live, and The Ultimate Health Podcast. Whitney has contributed to Forks Over Knives, VegNews Magazine, Simple Habit, New Hope Network, iHerb, and Organic Authority. She has spoken at many conferences, summits, and festivals, such as Bonnaroo, Fitness Magazine, VidCon, Podcast Movement, and BlogHer Food. In 2014, she received the Ed Begley Jr. Environmental Activist Award.Whitney minored in psychology while studying film production at Emerson College. She also took classes at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Boston College. Her short films were broadcast on HBO and part of Steven Spielberg’s reality competition “On the Lot”. Before pivoting her career to content creation, she worked as a mentor at the Cannes Film Festival, managed an acclaimed production office, and assisted Rob Reiner’s family.On this podcast, Whitney digs into the things that make people tick. The things that people are passionate about. The things that make people uncomfortable. The things that bring them hope, joy, and inspiration. The things that make them feel good in their bodies, minds, and hearts. The things that make life worth living and how to feel fully alive, genuinely happy and engaged every day. It's time to get to the core of who you truly are!

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