LIV2DAY with Dr. Paula McDonald

Dr. Paula McDonald

Despite the incredible health challenges Dr. Paula McDonald has experienced, her message to LIV2DAY will inspire you to get up and keep going in the storm. A former collegiate athlete and lifelong health-nut, at age 43 Paula was diagnosed with a massive spinal tumor and told she had only a minor chance of surviving the surgery, much less returning to full mobility. Her full recovery stunned her medical team and fueled her passion for holistic living and disease prevention. Within a decade, yet another tumor was found. This time it was in her left lung and removing it was her only option. With a B.S. in Biology and a firm belief in God as the Intelligent Designer, Paula became impassioned to find answers...answers to how she could attain the balance she so desperately needed in order to remain-tumor free and more than that, achieve optimum health! She went on to obtain a Master's and a Ph.D. in Theology. Having studied both science and scripture in-depth, she found that indeed the keys to the balance, to the wellness in life laid not only in the scriptures, nor in evidence-based science; instead, it was there waiting for her, for all of God's children, in the combination of the two. The Intelligent Designer who had breathed life into her had also ordered every cell in her body and every biological process that she had herself taught to others. Today, Dr. Paula McDonald has devoted her book, "LIV2DAY, Abundantly Connecting to God" and now her LIV2DAY podcast to sharing all that she has learned with the many people who desire better health, more balance, connecting to God, and practical advice on how to transform your life with tangible daily choices.

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