The Urban Grief Shamans

John Moir

Welcome to ‘The Urban Grief Shamans’ podcast. I'm your host, John Moir, a retired paramedic and a fellow traveller through the landscape of loss and personal struggles. Here, we embrace the transformative power of our experiences to find wisdom and healing.In this podcast, we merge the ancient teachings of shamanism with the realities of modern urban life, offering you a path through the challenges of loss and personal struggles. Each episode is a deep dive into the healing process, where we share our personal stories and the enlightening perspectives of our guests from the mystical realms beyond.Our conversations are journeys of discovery, blending spiritual insights with practical guidance. You'll find solace, understanding, and a sense of companionship as you listen. We aim to empower you with tools and wisdom to navigate your own path of healing, making it feel more relatable and accessible.Join us as we explore the transformative journey of loss and personal growth, uncovering strength and insight. This is ‘The Urban Grief Shamans’, your guide to finding healing and transformation in the heart of life's challenges.

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