The Doodle Pro Podcast: Unleashing Expert Training, Grooming, & Health Tips for Doodle Dogs & Puppies

The Doodle Pro™, Corinne Gearhart

Welcome to The Doodle Pro™ Podcast, the internationally chart-topping show that helps you "parent your Doodle like a pro," no matter what age or stage they're at. As your trusty host, I'm Corinne Gearhart, and I bring my exclusive Doodle expertise to the table, along with interviews with worldwide experts in dog behavior and training.Whether you're a first-time Doodle parent or a seasoned pro, with a puppy, adolescent, or senior dog, this podcast is for you. With a paw-some lineup of guests, we explore everything from crate training to leash walking, with a focus on effective, humane, and up-to-date techniques that are tailored specifically for Doodle mixes.That's right – we won't be teaching any old dog tricks here. Our conversations are informative, engaging, and entertaining, with Doodle-specific tips and tricks for training your furry friend, no matter their age or stage. We dig up the best techniques for Doodle obedience training, socialization, and even Doodle grooming.So tune in and join the paw-ty, as we dive nose-first into the world of Doodle dog training. Remember, with positive reinforcement and science-based methods, you can build a strong bond with your Doodle and help them reach their full potential, no matter what age or stage they're at. So grab your leash, treats, and favorite chew toy, and let's get this paw-ty started!

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