Menders: build engagement & sustainable leadership in healthcare

Dr. Nicola De Paul

The Menders podcast is a motivational and practical resource that helps senior healthcare leaders build lasting employee engagement and sustainable leadership capacity. Each episode features thought leaders in healthcare innovation, sustainable leadership, Diversity-Equity-&-Inclusion, human resource management, communication strategy, healthy organizational practices, and employee well-being.As a member of the Menders community, you will learn to masterfully apply theoretical best practices in healthcare leadership and management to the real-world situations you and your leadership team face daily. Allow the experts on Menders to help you translate head knowledge to heart knowledge as you transform how you lead, train your middle managers, and connect with your frontline clinical and administrative staff. Healthcare leadership is difficult and, when done well, can be the most rewarding work in the world. Reclaim your passion. Rejuvenate your energy. And reconnect with your team to keep your employees engaged in a healthy and happy healthcare workplace. Oh yeah, and all while keeping yourself calm and energized. Don't burn yourself out! Subscribe to Menders today (

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