The New Abnormal

Sean Pillot de Chenecey

#TheNewAbnormal podcast (150,000+ downloads) focuses on understanding today and anticipating the future. Discussing these subjects via the personal stories and insightful viewpoints of my guests has led to some fascinating conversations with activists, creatives, writers, philosophers, strategists, psychologists, lecturers, futurists, etc. (Re: my bio, I'm a strategist, author and public speaker. My first book went to No1 in the business charts, whilst my second was shortlisted for the 'Business Book of the Year' Awards.) Now, in an exciting move #TheNewAbnormal is bought to you in partnership with The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, a global leader in applying futures studies to solve strategic challenges within organisations. The Institute’s core offerings include megatrend analysis, scenario planning, risk assessment, innovation processes, and strategic foresight. Clients use these services to help them be #FuturesReady. So, we hope you enjoy listening to ‘The New Abnormal’ and that the series will also help you to understand today and anticipate the future! (Please note that the podcast was set up during the early days of Covid, and is divided into Series One [2020-21] Series Two [2021-22] Series Three [2022-23].  All rights reserved. #TheNewAbnormal podcast series © Sean Pillot de Chenecey 2020 

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