Welcome to the Little Star Light PodcastIt is exciting to have you as a listener of Little Star Light, a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of courage and inspiration with our hosts and guests during uplifting, entertaining and intriguing conversations.  Thank you for joining us. Each of us have a great story to live, you included. Hear and learn from, be inspired by and benefit from respected industry experts, brave pathfinders, curious adventurers, determined innovators, creative warriors, experienced leaders, and caring people who have joined together for you.Your hosts are Andrea Jaeger, Karen Vazquez and Adriana Solarova. In addition we have special co-hosts and guests from around the world, also doing their best to bring their own amazing light to you.  Get ready! Here we go!Meet the hosts: Andrea Jaeger: Former teenage sports prodigy, award winning humanitarian, founder and President of Little Star Foundation. Passionate about making a difference for kids, nature, animals and people in general.Adriana Solarova: Degree in Business and Sports Management and Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, former D1 College Athlete, International and U.S. Program Director, avid motorcycle enthusiast and track rider and creative artist.Karen Vazquez: Agency Marketing Coordinator, childhood cancer survivor, specialization in Ambassador roles requiring English/Spanish translation. Describes herself as an easygoing introvert, patient, caring, who loves to laugh and whose purpose is to seek God; love and help people and find long lasting happiness. www.littlestarlightpodcast.comFor more information about the work Little Star Foundation does, please visit: https://www.littlestar.org/

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