Funktastic Chats is a podcast designed for creative entrepreneurs. I'm a musician in the wedding industry, but we're focusing on everything creativity. Topics include task management and outsourcing, because if other people in your business can't do what you do, you created a job for yourself and not a company, and maybe not such a good paying one either. Silencing your inner critic and reinventing yourself to business and workflow ideas. This is the business education that you may have always wanted.So why focus on creatives? Well, because there's not one clear path set out for you as a creative. The industry doesn't want you in it. This podcast is about combining your talent with business so that your industry cannot deny you and has no choice, but to open its doors for you. It starts with being in a mindset of understanding the value of investing in yourself, because if you don't invest in yourself, then who's going to invest in you. CEOs join me every week to help you monetize your passion, whatever that may be, into a full-time gig.

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