Public safety never stops changing, it is different from one moment to the next. Our podcast is the story of the people, the ideas, and the innovations that make this difference real. Produced by VCPI, each episode of The Difference features a guest from the world of public service in sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always informative discussions about the challenges, experiences, and evolutions that are taking place in public safety. Join us, as each episode begins with our featured guest completing the statement “The Difference is _______.” Their unique and sometimes surprising statements kick off the kind of unscripted and real discussions that you won’t want to miss. The Difference is hosted by VCPI’s Deputy Director, Adam Wojcicki and Director of Programs, Sheila Gunderman. It is engineered and edited by Evan Mishler, VCPI’s Digital Media and Technology Manager and made possible by the entire VCPI staff.

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