Sumo & Smokestack

MYSTICAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS SOCIETY: Sumo & Smokestack's worldview repair and support service. We discuss the blood n' guts of the dystopic modernist technocracy from a Christian perspective, and equip listeners in stripping away putrid layers of decades-old baloney draped over us all by government, academia, and big-tech. We're doing our part to restore the patrimony of medieval European culture, specifically a coherent and satisfying worldview which seamlessly unites the physical and metaphysical, and encourages the flourishing of the human person. THINGS WE MIGHT COVER: Bigfoot. The Church Fathers. Enlightenment dialectical philosophy and its woes. Ghosts. How to build physics equipment. Phantom limb syndrome. Cloning. City planning. How to grow your own food. And much more! ABOUT THE HOSTS: Sumo is a hermit who lives deep in the black forest building enchanted particle accelerators and composing poetry. Smokestack is a podcast producing clone who lives in a hermetically sealed bunker because he has no immune system.

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