The Assure Podcast with Jeremy Neilson


Over the past decade, a progressive revolution has transformed key elements of the private equity marketplace. From the emergence of super angels and the explosion in new micro-VCs to the advent of equity crowdfunding platforms, these new players have brought about a tectonic shift within the private asset investing ecosystem. Collectively, they have disrupted the status quo and provided entrepreneurial innovators with access to a greater diversity of funding sources than at any time in history. Prior to the advent of Assure, the structuring and management of investment vehicles was a slow, onerous and expensive ordeal. By combining all of the legal, tax, accounting, banking, compliance andadministration into one product with a one-time flat fee, Assure has reinvented best practice for setting up and running a private investment entity. Assure has empowered these new power players to parlay their bias for action into affordable, consistent investments. In this podcast series, Assure co-founder and CEO Jeremy Neilson provides a detailed introduction to private equity investment entities and breaks down the entire process of establishing and managing these entities. You will learn everything you need to know about what goes into effectively managing private investment entities throughout their lifecycle, from setup to shutdown.

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