The Motivation Mindset with Risa Williams

Risa Williams

The Motivation Mindset hosted by therapist, writer, and book author, Risa Williams, features successful people who share practical tips on how they get things done without all the stress. Find your balance, keep your calm, and get motivated with coffee-break sized episodes that can help you tune up your daily mindset. Risa Williams is the book author of three self-help books including, "The Ultimate Time Management Toolkit," and her newest book, "The Ultimate Self-Esteem Toolkit." She's a therapist and coach who collects productivity tools to help people create more time for themselves to enjoy. Special Episodes of the Show: Time Lab: Listeners of the show test out the time tools for themselves and report the results. Brain Boost: Guest co-host Erica Curtis joins Risa Williams to break down neuroscience nuggets for you and to answer questions from listeners of the show. The Daily Tune-Up: Guest co-host Stevon Lewis joins Risa to give mindset tune-up tips for the week. The Time Toolkit: Tools from Risa's books are discussed, and guest co-host Trevor Stockwell joins in to talk about time. View upcoming episodes at (All tools discussed on the show are meant for educational purposes only and not as a replacement to medical care or psychotherapy).

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