The Speak 4 Motivating Change Podcast

Curtis Campogni

Curtis Campogni has always been passionate about the impact of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the power of empathic communication. Throughout his professional journey, he witnessed the transformative potential of MI techniques in various industries and settings. Curtis recognized the need for a company that could bring together the principles of MI with real-life, practical experiences; thus, Speak for Motivating Change (Speak4MC) was born.Curtis brings years of experience in public speaking, persuasion, and interpersonal training. He has led programs funded by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and Department of Labor, overseeing non-profits providing clients employment, training, education, and mentoring. Curtis has experience assisting demographics of all ages and backgrounds, learning invaluable lessons about change and leadership as he rose from group home worker to Area Manager, Florida Transition Director, and now, founder of Speak4MC. These experiences have made him a highly sought-after leader who works with customers nationwide to inspire and maintain positive change.Curtis believes everyone has a unique story to tell and is committed to helping individuals and organizations maximize their strengths while improving areas for growth. Any person, organization, and community can grow, and Curtis is dedicated to ensuring the Speak For Motivating Change podcast promotes positive change!  Download, follow, and visit us on all social media platforms! @Speak4MC 

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