Life, it's a Big Faith Journey

Diana Hudgins

Follow on any major podcast platform. This is about encouraging stories and lessons to lead you to successful destinations along the path of life. The power of your life is in your words and your thoughts, so chose them well and give life by thinking and speaking them well of others too. Be a life giver and a life changer. Let it begin in you. I'm speaking directly to you regardless of who you are or how old you are, from my heart to yours. My testimony in this life is faith. When I truly surrendered to God it began with giving everything I had to him and it was no small task, it was all about having really big faith, believing Him without a doubt. I had to believe Him for everything. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. As for me I want to do something so big it's destine to fail without You Lord, something so great it's gonna take a miracle to do. I want to be like Peter who walked on water! I hear God saying "Diana, get out of the boat!" For me my faith is all or nothing! By believing I have nothing to loose so I am all in. "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Proverbs 18:21.Which words will you chose? The positive words of life or the negative words of death? Those negative words that steal, kill and destroy life. The power of your life is in your words, so speak them well and give life by speaking them well of others too. Be an encourager.We must not be afraid when it matters, when it means saving and changing lives we must speak boldly and sometimes bluntly if we want to make a difference in this world. More often times than not it takes courage and putting our vulnerability out there to save a life or two or three. And when evangelist Eva Dooley touched my lips and prophesied over me she said "You have been silent, but you will be silent no more" that is exactly what she meant. She's right, I am silent no more. Praise God! - Diana Hudgins

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