But, What If You Did?

Alyson Pallanck

Hey Friend! Welcome to 'But, What if You DID?' I’m your host Alyson! I'm an Intuitive Life Coach, Podcaster, holistic health advocate & …cat mom. I create space for millennials walking through the messy middle of life transitions to energetically connect back to their core values & inner wisdom to live a meaningful life on their terms!On this podcast we talk about all the things we, as a generation, were conditioned not to talk about and in doing so we're breaking down self-imposed barriers, confidently owning the messy middle in life transitions, and learning to influence culture shifts in our personal & professional lives. I share conversations with friends, thought leaders in the personal development space, and holistic wellness advocates who have been where you are and are here to show you just what's possible if you choose to leave the comfort zone behind!

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