The Hot Nuance Book Club

Ali, Aradia, and Bree

A podcast in which a novelist, a screenwriter, and a podcaster walk into a book, diving into its craft and impact in their mission to bring nuance back.Join your hosts Ali (@92aliboo), Aradia (@BestFirstChair), and Bree (@mostlybree) as they take you back to the 1990s to read one of Bree's childhood favorite fantasy novels: Exiles: The Ruins of Ambrai by Melanie Rawn. Grab your own copy and read along with them each week as they ask important questions like: what was going on with the wind in the 90s? and can you boyboss too close to the sun? Join us for our book club discussions on our discord, or let us know the answer to each Monday's most pressing questions by tweeting at us.

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