Colour Me Brave

Shobna Kannusamy, Founder - Soirette Connections

Colour Me Brave is a podcast where we connect, explore and celebrate the intricate journeys of women of colour who value authenticity and confidence, through candid conversations with amazing entrepreneurs and change makers from diverse backgrounds in our community and beyond. Break free with your host Shobna Kannusamy, a certified entrepreneurial & leadership coach and a multicultural immigrant woman, who has been challenging the “right” way of doing things since she could talk. With over 20 years of corporate, hospitality and retail experience, she has been through the grind of building brands and a retail business from the ground up, forged caring and inspired teams, and knows what it takes to redefine success and leadership so it rings true for you. Her goal is to inspire and empower you by sharing meaningful conversations and learnings, helping you to discover the courage and clarity to embrace your true self - in life, as a leader, and everything in between. You will find invaluable insights on how to harness the transformative power of courage, kindness, and self-compassion. Together, we explore the intricacies of identity, culture, tradition, conditioning, and challenge the norm, showing you how you can live in colour and freedom. By reframing perspectives and building meaningful connections, you will gain the momentum needed to propel yourself forward towards a brighter future. Join Shobna on the Colour Me Brave podcast every other Wednesday as she dives into new and inspirational topics! You can learn more about her work as an entrepreneurial & leadership coach at

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