Venture In The South


Welcome to Venture in the South, a podcast devoted to Startup investing in the southern US. Co-hosts Paul Clark and David Grisell have over 100 startup investments between them. They will share their own experience, interview thought leaders in the startup ecosystem and interview founders from the startups in their portfolio and a few that aren't. Shows are released every Monday and are about 30-40 minutes long. We plan about 50% of shows to be Founder interviews, 25% interviews with Startup ecosystem thought leaders and about 25% educational on topics specific to startup founding and investing. We invite your feedback and suggestions via our website or email, we'll respond. If you like our show please subscribe and it really helps our pod listing if you give us a rating and a 2 sentence review. On Apple Podcasts scroll all the way down to “Ratings and Reviews”, then click on “Write a Review. On Spotify simply tap to rate a show one-to-five stars, but there is currently no option to type a written review on Spotify. Thanks for listening and remember: Our mission is to HAVE FUN, MAKE MONEY AND DO GOOD.

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