The Mindful Coach Podcast

Brett Hill

Mindful Coaching is not just a skill; it's a movement. In a world obsessed with "getting more done," many feel the urgent need to help people in a more profound way. And many of us have found that the more mindful we are in our life and work, the better or experience of life and the quality of our work. We make better decisions and inspire deeper connections in ourselves and others because we are committed to being more deeply connected with ourselves and the world. In becoming a professional coach and coach trainer, I experienced (and still do!) a great deal of hype and predatory marketing targeting coaches. So, I created The Mindful Coach Association. A safe haven and community of mindful professionals where we can connect, collaborate, and support each other in our learning, lives, and success. Free from the constant drone of mastermind pitches and promises of instant wealth. As the founder of the association, I talk to a lot of coaches. One day, after listening to a particularly inspired coach doing great work with the LGBTQ+ community and also hearing from another working with immigrant populations to help them adapt to a new culture, I felt like wow - "People really need to hear about this work." But there is no venue for coaches who are doing amazing, important work but aren't publishing books, doing podcasts, TV shows, selling out masterminds, and "crushing 7 figures." And if you take the many thousands of inspired, courageous coaches doing great work with challenged populations - this is a mighty force indeed - but one that has no voice. The Mindful Coach Podcast was created to give a voice to those incredible coaches whose work is unheard and unheralded. Now you can hear their stories of great work that is going on in the world, work that you may not otherwise encounter -and be inspired as I have by the collective goodness that's blossoming in the world. And you are a part of this work! Beyond these stories, the podcast is a gateway to a vibrant community - The Mindful Coach Association ( Here, you'll have the opportunity to engage in enriching conversations with our guests and fellow mindful professionals during our weekly meetings. It's a safe, collaborative space where individual actions culminate into a powerful, unified force. No upsells or pitches. Moreover, this podcast is designed to aid in the growth of your practice. We introduce you to exceptional services and cutting-edge technologies, including AI, to enhance your productivity and success. Additionally, a coach is always growing their skills so you'll gain invaluable insights and practical tips from experts in new and powerful coaching modalities. If you're a coach or helping professional and interested in mindful-somatic work, check out my website at The Mindful Coach website at Tune in, leave a review, and become part of the Mindful Coach Association. Together, we amplify our impacts, elevating not only each other but also our clients and the world at large. Together, we are a mighty force.

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