Embracing Marketing Mistakes

Prohibition PR

Welcome to Embracing Marketing Mistakes, the show for CMOs and Heads of Marketing with revenue over £15M who are looking to double their marketing ROI and achieve record revenue targets. The show is hosted by Chris Norton and Will Ockenden, who collectively have over 45 years of experience in the PR industry. They have built the award-winning PR agency Prohibition, where they help top organisations with PR strategy, social media marketing, media relations, content marketing, and brand awareness to drive sales and grow businesses.Each episode features interviews with industry-leading marketers, as well as solo episodes where Chris and Will share real-life examples of marketing blunders and offer actionable insights. These stories and strategies will give you the knowledge to avoid mistakes other marketers have made so you don’t have to.Subscribe to Embracing Marketing Mistakes on your favourite podcast platform so you don’t miss future episodes.

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