Brain Box : The Leadership Podcast

Kaushik Bose

"Brain Box" has been voted 9th pan-India by Spotify in 2022. The host, Kaushik Bose, is a 3x B2C founder with 18 franchises, led 2 more as CBO, has 14 years B2B Sales with IT behemoths like Wipro, IBM, SAP & GBM in Dubai & currently has his own branding agency, which has been ranked Global Top 10 in 2024! Into Season 18, Brain Box has 50,000+ downloads & each episode garners 50k+ viewership across social media. Kaushik has hosted guests from 5 continents, with heart-to-heart unscripted chats with successful leaders (CEOs, CXOs, MDs etc) encompassing leadership as the primary theme.

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