CRE Success: The Podcast is made for people who work in commercial real estate. The host, Darren Krakowiak, equips commercial real estate professionals with proven client attraction and retention systems so they can save time, earn more and be top performers in their market. Each week Darren provides content that will help you acquire the abilities, adopt the habits and implement the tools to succeed in commercial real estate. Since episode 51, the podcast has been recorded live (with no edits!) and streamed to YouTube and LinkedIn before being released as a podcast episode. Earlier episodes (season 1) feature Darren speaking to prominent industry leaders who are willing to share the secrets of their success, as well as subject matter experts from outside the industry who have relevant expertise to share (season 2). Tune in to hear what it takes to be a top performer in one of the world's most competitive and lucrative industries - commercial real estate.

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