Teach Us to Pray

Christina Patterson, Prayer Instructor

Teach Us to Pray with Christina Patterson gives Christians practical, real-life tips on how to grow your faith and relationship with God through the power of prayer. Learn how to have a daily prayer time and how to overcome some of the obstacles that stop us from praying regularly to God. Prayer Topics Covered in This Podcast: 🙏 What is Prayer? Your Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer🙏 What to Pray in the Morning for a Worry-Free Day🙏 6 Reasons Why You Don't Hear God When You Pray🙏 Why Prayer Is So Hard and Simple Tips for Daily Prayer🙏 Pray THIS to Renew Your Mind (3 Guided Prayers) Take Christina's Prayer Personality Quiz to learn how you best hear from God and communicate with Him: https://www.prayquiz.com.

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