Titan Evolution Podcast with Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson

It is hard to follow your passion when it feels like society holds you back. The digital age overloads us with so much information that many are unsure what to do or think. Media narratives drill controversial ideologies into our minds. People dictate exactly how to react and what to feel. In a world where facts seem manufactured, and the truth appears clouded by selfish agenda, living an authentic life is challenging, if not impossible. How refreshing it is to have real, raw conversations with no masks, no rules, and no holds barred? This is exactly what you will get here at Titan Evolution Podcast! We get rid of all the nonsense floating around that blocks our judgment and perception. Here, you are invited to be vulnerable and let your thoughts flow freely. This enlightening show features real stories from real people. They discuss today’s issues without barriers and answer difficult questions without filters. Find out how they shaped their opinions, how they differ from yours, and how they can help you gain a better perspective on everything. Challenge your opinions, reevaluate your outlook, and see the world from a brand new, much clearer point of view. In addition to opening up about who they are and what they believe, these amazing people share mesmerizing success stories. Learn how they overcame roadblocks in life and reached the top. They reveal what helped them hit goals and maintain their successes. These individuals from all walks of life are your inspiration in pushing forward no matter what. This show is your guide towards the fulfilling success you are always longing for. Hosting the podcast is Travis D. Johnson, a retired Naval Officer. He has moved 36 times, entered 12 schools, in six states, lived in five different foster homes, and survived two murder attempts, and has a mother with bipolar disorder. Despite living an unstable life, he was able to get help from nonprofit organizations. As a gesture of gratitude, he started the Nonprofit Architect Podcast, the only nonprofit podcast teaching the actionable steps and tips to build stronger nonprofit organizations. A certified curator of deep conversations and a titan of connection, Travis leads every episode into the most in-depth territories, even when sitting down with people he disagrees with. He is willing to have a deep conversation with anyone in pursuit of the untarnished and undeniable truth. He ensures all of his opinions are well-researched and based on well-founded data. This unparalleled dedication has made Travis one of the most respectable names in the podcast scene. The Nonprofit Architect Podcast is in the top 5% of podcasters globally, and he is a perennial conference presenter. Co-hosting the podcast with Travis is Carol T. Carpenter. She is the Founder of MotoVixens, LLC, a motorcycle track organization that welcomes riders of all genders, races, and religions. Growing up as the “big sister” in an immigrant family from Taiwan, Carol learned how to integrate two cultures into her life and accept all mindsets and backgrounds. Throughout the years, she has been a model, actress, stuntwoman, author, and TEDx speaker, championing female empowerment everywhere she goes. You have the power to shape your own destiny. Do not let society and the media tarnish your mind and soul. Many fall into the systemized nature of the world, simply agreeing to everything at face value without permission to ask questions. Travis and Carol are your guides in escaping a world that will only leave you cynical and helpless. Detach from unhealthy discussions that do you no good. Ditch your mask, set aside your pretenses, and let your authentic self shine. This is permission to finally embrace who you are meant to be.

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