What Counts?

TrailBlazer Consulting, LLC

Welcome to What Counts? by TrailBlazer Consulting. The hosts, Maura Dunn and Lee Karas bring over 30 years of experience consulting with public and private organizations across industries including energy, biotech, manufacturing, and technology. We discuss proven solutions developed working with companies to solve their information and data management challenges. The typical What Counts? episode is around 15 minutes long, and each episode focuses on one aspect of information, data, or records management. We provide insight into practical ways to assess, evaluate, recommend, implement, and monitor records and information management programs – and we illustrate our ideas with anecdotes and case studies drawn from our clients. Look us up on the web at www.TrailBlazer.us.com. Or, send us an email at Info@TrailBlazer.us.com.

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