HotTopics.HT: Meaningful Business


Meaningful Business sets out to discover how global business leaders are championing purpose, people and planet alongside profit, what exactly a meaningful business is, and how to lead one.Across the years, HotTopics.HT has been speaking to some of the most influential leaders across industries, from executives to investors, high-growth startup founders and industry experts.We’ve asked them: what technologies are fuelling their success; how they motivate employees to work productively; how they deliver world class customer experience; and where they’re looking to secure growth. But now, we’re asking why. Consumers are demanding more from brands, not just continued excellence in experience and design, but knowledge that its products or services contribute something to society. In fact, 60 percent of consumers will stop buying from a company if they disagree with their stance on a social issue. So businesses need to find their meaning. The question is how.Find out how only on HotTopics’ Meaningful Business podcast, with Peter Stojanovic, Deputy Editor at HotTopics.HT.

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