Optimal Human Experience with Dr Joseph Diruzzo

Dr. Joseph Diruzzo (aka "Dr. Joe")

Do you ever wonder where all those repeating patterns in your life originated? Ever wonder why those negative habits keep showing up again and again while what you REALLY want is to feel better, do better, and be better? The Optimal Human Experience™ podcast with Dr. Joseph Diruzzo (aka "Dr. Joe") reveals the true origin of thought-patterns, feelings, and perceptual filters in life - both positive and negative. Plus you'll hear real-life examples of quick and effective resolutions of negative patterns using a simple repatterning technique called "Prenatal Reimprinting" (PNRI) to construct new neural pathways for success and happiness in all areas of life. Don't miss the Optimal Human Experience™ with Dr. Joseph Diruzzo.Learn more: https://optimalhumanexperience.com

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