Wits & Weights | Smart Science to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Philip Pape, Evidence-Based Nutrition Coach & Fat Loss Expert

For skeptics of the fitness industry who want to work smarter and more efficiently to build muscle and lose fat. Wits & Weights cuts through the noise and deconstructs health and fitness with an engineering mindset to help you develop a strong, lean physique without wasting time.Nutrition coach Philip Pape explores EFFICIENT strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies to optimize your body composition. Simple, science-based, and sustainable info from an engineer turned lifter (that's why they call him the Physique Engineer).From restrictive fad diets to ineffective workouts and hyped-up supplements, there's no shortage of confusing information out there.Getting in the best shape of your life doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. By using your WITS (mindset and systems!) and lifting WEIGHTS (efficiently!), you can build muscle, lose stubborn fat, and achieve and maintain your dream physique.We bring you smart and efficient strategies for movement, metabolism, muscle, and mindset. You'll learn:- Why fat loss is more important than weight loss for health and physique- Why all the macros (protein, fats, and yes even carbs) are critical to body composition- Why you don't need to spend more than 3 hours in the gym each week to get incredible results- Why muscle (not weight loss) is the key to medicine, obesity, and longevity- Why age and hormones (even in menopause) don't matter with the right lifestyle- How the "hidden" psychology of your mind can unlock more personal (and physical) growth than you ever thought possible, and how to tap into that mindsetIf you're ready to separate fact from fiction, learn what actually works, and put in the intelligent work, hit that "follow" button and let's engineer your best physique ever!

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