Christina and Natasha

Welcome to the Momology Podcast, hosted by Natasha and Christina! They are moms, blonde & brunette, sassy & sweet, best friends & amateur Tik Tokers (which is sure to embarrass their kids in the near future, just as it embarrasses their husbands). Join the girls every Wednesday @ 8PM EST as they discuss the stuff everyone is thinking about not always talking about in a safe, supportive space for women to wind down and connect with one another. Momology extends their arms to new friendships, all while sharing experiences, fav products/services & new found knowledge. Just know that, Christina and Natasha always aim to circle back to a positive outlook & find the light in the dark moments. But wait, there's more! Each episode always begins by introducing a new drink ( clink, clink) and near the end of the show they give their final thoughts and rating of the beverage. Last but not least, the best way to support Momology is to hit "Subscribe" or "Follow" and to tell your friends about us!✨Follow us @momology_co on Instagram/facebook/TikTok to join our network.✨📧 Email for business inquiries:

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