Smarter Podcasting: Making Podcasts Better

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<br>Welcome to Smarter Podcasting, by Niall Mackay, The Podcast Guy, founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts.<br/><br>Niall has years of experience in podcasting, producing, editing, and hosting podcasts in various fields. He’s now on a mission to help podcasters create, publish, and build their communities through podcasting by sharing the techniques and lessons he’s learned.<br/><br>The show is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tips for any podcaster, whether they are individuals or businesses. Niall shares his tried and tested techniques for creating, publishing, and building a show, along with success stories of his own and his clients’ podcasts. <br/><br>Whether you’re interested in starting a podcast or improving an existing one, Smarter Podcasting is a great free resource to help you.<br/><br>Join Niall on this podcasting journey by subscribing or following Smarter Podcasting today.<br/>

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