YES is Back! - Reset Your Mind, Recharge Your Body , Reclaim Your Life

Meiyoko Taylor

YES is Back is a podcast show where it’s all about saying YES to you.  So often, we find ourselves stuck in the cycle of saying "no" to opportunities, dreams, and even our own needs.  Each week, we'll dive into the tools, strategies, and mindsets that will help reclaim your time, regain your confidence and re-connect to your passion & purpose. From setting healthier boundaries in your personal and professional life to tapping into the most resilient and authentic version of yourself, we're here to guide, challenge, and inspire you.Your days of being a chronic “People Pleaser” are over ! Are you ready to say YES? Yes, to your dreams...yes, to your boundaries...yes, to your potential. Yes, is back, and so are you.  See you on the insideMeiyoko Taylor  

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