Lauri Miriam: DE business podcast voor foto- en videografen

Lauri Miriam

Lauri is an established international wedding photo- and videographer at Agapè Stories. In 2021 she decided to coach other industry-leading filmmakers and photographers to not just a thriving business, but to bring back their passion, maintain a great private life and double their income. Her podcast will help you get back to the passion and vision inside of you that doesn't always get room when running a business. It will help you realise you don't have to give up all your weekends, evenings, family outings and friends' birthdays by setting boundaries, creating a healthy business that works for you - and not just you for your business. So that you can run a thriving business and work for clients you adore - and vice versa. In the meantime you will double your income and, last but not least, finally be able to have a real private life again. In 2016, Lauri started as a wedding video- and photographer. Within 18 months her business sky-rocketed which led to videos with 300,000 views on YouTube, being published on prestigious blogs such as LooksLikeFilm, Junebug Weddings, Hello May magazine and her work being aired on national TV. Lauri traveled all over the world to capture weddings. After suffering a burn out in 2019, Lauri figured out how to run a video/photography business that is not only successful to the outside world, but stable and extremely satisfying to her private life. Since then she has helped many industry-leading video- and photographers to do the same. The success of the first season of this podcast ended up helping many Dutch wedding storytellers, and has now gone international.

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