"Paul G's Corner is a podcast that delves into a wide range of interesting and thought-provoking topics, featuring in-depth discussions and expert guests. Join host Paul G as he explores everything from current events to personal growth and gains new perspectives on the world around you." "Welcome to Paul G's Corner! This is a podcast where anyone and everyone gets a voice. Our program, "things I want to know," dives into subjects that are not well-known or professions that elude our everyday ho-hum lives. Because it is so specified in the topics covering the fringe of modern life, many interesting people are waiting in line to tell their story only to be usurped by something we have never heard of. To give these good people a voice, and because I like to talk to everyone and Andrea is constantly putting me in time-out in the corner, I decided to do this show. Welcome once again to Paul G's Corner!Email me at paulg@paulgnewton.comVisit the website paulgnewton.com

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