St Giles is a social justice charity helping people held back by poverty, exploited, abused, dealing with addiction or mental health problems, caught up in crime or a combination of these issues and others. We show people there is a way to build a better future – for themselves and those they care about – and help them create this through support, advice and training.St Giles was originally set up 60 years ago as a day centre for the homeless in Camberwell, South London on 2nd February 1962. Over the years, we have adapted to always be there for people who fall through the gaps. What started as a small charity anchored in a South London community is now an award-winning social justice charity working on the frontline in schools, prisons, hospitals and communities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.To celebrate our 60 years of life-changing work, we have been speaking to some of our own thought leaders at St Giles. Using their own lived experience of the issues we address, they have unique and valuable insights. Listen on and be inspired!

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