Northern Nevada International Center

DiploChatz is an interactive interview podcast program created to spotlight the impact of the Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC) around the world. DiploChatz will highlight the work that each NNIC program is doing as well as interview global thinkers, leaders, innovators, stakeholders which continue to advance the mission and vision of NNIC. The focus of DiploChatz is to engage, educate and empower the global community about the value of NNIC as an agent of social goodness. DiploChatz is hosted by Manuel Mederos, Language Access Specialist for NNIC as well as Kevin Sung, International Development Specialist. We drop a new episode of DiploChatz once a month. In all of our chatz and episodes, DiploChatz reminds our listeners that: "Your Global Engagement Begins with a Chat!" We truly believe that every encounter and interaction we have as humans begins with chat....a quick hello. We encourage listeners to meet strangers, because that is the only way we can all understand each other, learn from each other and begin the process of working and supporting each other in this world. To learn more about the Northern Nevada International Center please visit our website: www.nnic.org

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