ONE HEAT MINUTE PRODUCTIONS began with film journalist Blake Howard examining Michael Mann's 1995 crime opus HEAT chronologically, in 60-second increments, in the aptly titled "One HEAT Minute." The finale featured the legendary mastermind director, screenwriter and producer behind the film Michael Mann.The show continues with:MIAMI NICE is a "Modern Mann" campfire podcast that pours over every loveable morsel of Michael Mann's misunderstood masterpiece Miami Vice (2006). The show's expanding catalogue frequently strays into the world of other contemporary Mann productions like Collateral (Collateral Confessions), Tokyo Vice (Tokyo Nice) and Blackhat. Hosted by Katie Walsh and Blake HowardPODCASTER AND COMMANDER: An audio documentary podcast series about the sea-faring classic - Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. The series will be an oral history of the film's conception and production, a discussion of the film’s critical reception, and the increasing resonance in the now 19 years since its release. Hosted by Blake HowardTHE BLUS BROTHERS/IMPRINT COMPANION is a physical media podcast to unbox, unpack and unveil upcoming releases from Australia's boutique Blu-Ray label Imprint Films (and more). Alexei Toliopoulos and Blake Howard host them.TOO MUCH MOVIE is a show lost in 90s movies that are "too much" in the best possible way. Rob Belushi, Chris Candy and Blake Howard host it.Completed series: THE LAST (12 minutes) OF THE MOHICANS A TWELVE-EPISODE LIMITED PODCAST SERIES FOCUSING ON THE CLIMAX OF MICHAEL MANN'S 1992 EPIC THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. INCREMENT VICE, Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice, a scene at a time. Hosted by Travis Woods ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MINUTES is a podcast where conversations about movies, journalism, politics and history meet. JOSIE AND THE PODCATS is a limited podcast series diving into the history, the production, the music, the legacy, and the fandom surrounding the 2001 cult classic Josie and the Pussycats. Maria Lewis hosts it.ZODIAC: CHRONICLE a 24-part investigation into David Fincher's 2007 genre-altering masterpiece Zodiac.POD THOMAS ANDERSON: A nine-part miniseries on the films of Paul Thomas Anderson. The series is written by the author of The Cinema of Paul Thomas Anderson: American Apocrypha, Ethan Warren and produced by Blake Howard.

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