Defiant Health Radio with Dr. William Davis

William Davis, MD

William Davis, MD, cardiologist and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Wheat Belly books, as well as Undoctored and, most recently, Super Gut, brings the unvarnished truth about many health conditions. So much information in health is crafted by industry, bent to the benefit of healthcare systems, delivered by willfully ignorant physicians. Yet a critical mass of truly useful, safe, effective health information has been reached--but someone has to deliver it to you. That is Dr. Davis' intention. Among the topics the Defiant Health Podcast covers are:--Microbiome health--The key to so many health conditions, as well as preservation of youth and vigor, can be found in the microbiome.--Heart health--You will find no mention of cholesterol or statin drugs here, only hard-hitting, science-based insights.--Thyroid health--Why do endocrinologists and other doctors get thyroid health so wrong? Let's get it right.--Weight loss--We don't count calories, don't push the plate away, or echo other ineffective knuckle headed solutions that have created the most overweight population of humans in history.--How to get rid of type 2 diabetes--it's painfully easy. --Get on the road to reversing autoimmune diseases--Take steps today to prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's dementia, Parkinsonism, and multiple sclerosis--And many others.For more information on Dr. Davis' insights and programs, seeWheat Belly books--esp. the Wheat Belly Revised & Expanded Edition, 2019Wheat Belly 30-Minute CookbookWheat Belly 10-Day Grain DetoxUndoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your DoctorWheat Belly Blog: www.wheatbellyblog.comTalk to me through my membership website, the Undoctored Inner

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