La Vida Más Chévere: Through the Childfree Latina Lens

Paulette Erato

Paulette Erato hosts La Vida Más Chévere: Through the Childfree Latina Lens, a biweekly Spanglish-language podcast about living your best life, from the childfree Latina perspective. That life starts with dismantling the toxic cultural BS we've all grown up with in Latinidad. One of the most harmful norms in our society is the value placed on only a certain type of "family,” the kind that childfree Latines are never going to produce. In this society it's easy to feel invisible, lonely, and even ashamed if you don't have children. And that's BS.As a former photographer, Paulette is used to viewing the world from an unconventional vantage point and invites us all to re-examine the cultural norms we've simply come to accept by shifting our focus to determine what is actually true and what is BS.Support the show:

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