Welcome to The Fashion Geek Podcast, an opinionated (well, it’s from New York), straight from the hip, no pretension podcast for men who don’t know a lot about Men’s Fashion and want to learn more. Hosted by Reg Ferguson (Fashion Geek #1), Founder of New York Fashion Geek, a Men’s Fashion consultancy that helps men go from Fashion Confused to Fashion Confident. On this podcast, Reg dives deep into brands and trends, sharing stories from the world of Men’s fashion that will help you become Fashion Confident.Each episode of The Fashion Geek Podcast brings you discussions featuring entrepreneurs and experts with topics ranging from vintage clothing to streetwear, all designed to educate, enlighten and entertain.Whether you live and breathe Men’s Fashion or you’re new to the space and want to learn more, The Fashion Geek Podcast has something for everyone. Learn what you need to know to bring out the style you always wished you had.

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