Italianglot Podcast

Carmine Albanese

What’s special about this podcast for Italian learners? I’ll tell you! It combines your love for the Italian language and culture with your thirst for knowledge. All its episodes are organized into big categories (which you’ll find on my website) that go from Italian culture, society, geography, history, cinema, music, television and food to science, technology, philosophy, literature, linguistics and all the subjects we Italian students learned in school. You’ll be practically walking in an Italian student’s shoes all the way to fluency. You want to impress Italians by talking about the legend behind the origin of Panettone? About the landscape, economy and traditions of Tuscany? About the funniest Italian commercials from the eighties? About a day in the life of an ancient citizen of Pompeii? About the scientific causes of rain, snow and rainbows? Well, then this is the podcast for you! On the website you’ll find a transcript and exercises for each episode so you can also read the text and focus on the vocabulary.

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