Sister Shenanigans with Melissa Moore & her less famous sister

Melissa Moore

If you're lucky enough to have a sister who is your best friend, you know those conversations are the magic and glue of life.  They are the most honest, funny and heartfelt all rolled into one.  My sister Amy also believes we're the nerdiest and funniest people out there! She may need to get out more.   Our podcast is for you if you like talking about real life with honesty and a slightly off-kilter take on things.  We know that life is hard and that we can rise to the challenges, sometimes we just don't want to. Whether you are just looking for a friend who understands or just feel like eavesdropping - we've got you.  Need a sister - welcome to the sisterhood!Grab a coffee or a cocktail and join us for Sister Shenanigans! xox Melissa Moore & her less famous sister (HLFS)

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