Learning French by Accident

Chase In French (Chase Emery Davis)

This podcast is based on my work coaching some of the world's most famous actors and my accumulated knowledge of over 10 years. "Learning French by Accident," emphasizes training your ears and subconscious to detect and retain language through context. I believe that everything begins in the mouth – how to shape and control it, and how it influences our physical behavior. Throughout this series, we'll explore various aspects of pronunciation, including phonetics, accents, and the nuances of language delivery. Giving you the tools you are going to need to build sentences and deliver them correctly and in a fun way! These videos will give you valuable insights into language pronunciation and delivery but also create a safe space for learning. Whether you're a language enthusiast or an aspiring polyglot, this playlist will help you master pronunciation and develop a deeper understanding of this "French Language" we all seem to love. email: chaseinfrench@gmail.com

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