Press Start Leadership Podcast

Press Start Leadership

Welcome to the Press Start Leadership Podcast, your ultimate guide to unlocking your leadership potential in the dynamic world of the video game industry. Join me, Christopher Mifsud, a seasoned industry professional with two decades of experience leading and nurturing teams for renowned digital creative companies worldwide.This podcast is your secret weapon in an industry that often promotes talented individuals without providing the necessary leadership training. Drawing from my personal experiences and dedicated investment in top-tier coaches and programs, I've successfully bridged the gap in leadership development. I'm excited to share these invaluable insights with a broader audience, empowering you in the video game industry.Whether you're a video game industry pro or aspiring to lead a creative product and development team, this show is designed to help you maximize your team's potential and embrace your role as a visionary leader. Together, we'll explore proven strategies, industry trends, and personal anecdotes that will give you the competitive edge you need.Are you ready to level up your leadership skills and excel in the vibrant world of video game development? Join us on the Press Start Leadership Podcast and let's begin this transformative journey. Just Press Start!

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