ZoomWithOurFeet Photography Podcast

Timothy "TMac" McCarty

Welcome to the ZoomWithOurFeet Photography  podcast, produced by TVCommandoMedia. The ZoomPod is a photography and videography learning lab disguised as a podcast hosted by TMac, a professional Photographer and Multi-Emmy Award-winning television camera operator with over 20-years experience teaching students how to use cameras! The ZoomWithOurFeet Photography podcast is on a mission to helping aspiring photographers and videographers start, and continue their camera arts journey. New episodes drop every other Friday and feature chats with a wide array of photographers, filmmakers, and broadcast industry pros.Pull up a chair by the fire, the ZoomWithOurFeet Photography Podcast (aka the Photo Lab!) is open. Let's talk to a pro! #teaching #teachingphotography #teachingandlearning #sportsphotography #weddingphotography #landscapephotography #photographybusiness #filmmaking #howtoshootascene #tvdirecting #filmediting #producing

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