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Welcome to the world of cult kids. Cults, coercion and sexuality remain the topics as we enter Season 2, 2023. Free non explicit episodes Tuesday, paid explicit member edpisodes Sundays (2023). Each Tuesday: 1st Tues. Coercion, 2nd Tues. Sexuality, 3rd Tues. Cults, 4th Tues. Adult Children of Cults, 5th Tues. Guests & Interviews. Sundays are new exclusive explicit NSFW episodes and will remain year round. In Frankie Files Podcast, I use my time as an entertainment writer, my college radio and studies of voice over, as well as my own survival story to shed a light on cults, coercion, sexuality, and the challenge they present in today's world for any of us who have successfully stayed alive. Especially the adult children of cults. See more at Frankie Files Podcast has a lot of NSFW hot take content. Instead of wondering if advertisers like it in the free area, your one time payment gets you the explicit material too hot for main streaming in a private download area. New Sundays 2023. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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