CleanTechies Podcast

Silas Mähner (Climate Headhunter) & Somil Aggarwal (Climate PM & VC)

Welcome to the CleanTechies Podcast where we interview ClimateTech Founders and VCs to share their advice and journeys with other Founders and VCs with the goal of helping others succeed. ----- Support the show more directly via our Substack where we also publish writing on the episodes we record. -----To get involved in the CleanTech revolution, suggest topics/guests, or discuss in more detail any of these topics, join our Slack Channel | ----- Interested in Advertising: -----Silas is a ClimateTech and ESG headhunter. He grew up in a very anti-climate-change part of the country in rural Wisconsin. When he got out on his own he realized the incredible benefits of climate technologies in addition to the realities of Climate Change. He then launched CleanTechies in 2021 to help raise awareness of the various benefits of climate technology. Somil is a product manager at the Schmidt Futures Foundation. Born on Earth Day, he somehow got it into his head that he wanted to be a “ClimateTech VC” when he was 14. Since then, he has spent time running his own impact newsletter, investing at an early-stage VC firm, and founded an AgTech company called Agcess. He joined the CleanTechies podcast in 2023 as co-host to double down on its mission of spreading ClimateTech awareness in the world. 

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